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★ The set consist of 3 wraps and 1 muslin produce bag. The dimensions of wraps : Small – 7 x 8 in | Medium – 10 x 11 in | Large - 13 x 14 in | Muslin Produce Bag : 7 x 9 in. All products in this set have flamingo pattern. The box has an eye-catching look with its design and flamingo pattern. The sizes are very usefull that you can either wrap an avocado or an apple.

★ Beeswax Wrap is very usefull if you like to do something for the earth. It is an organic alternative way to keep your foods fresh for long time. You can keep your fruits, snacks, cheeses, sandwiches, breads and veggies by wrapping them with this food saver. It can be used to cover your bowls as well.

★ The best feature of the wrap is you can use them again and again. It is washable after usage, in this way you can reuse the wraps in your next time. It is also simple to wash. You just need to wash it with cool water and hang to dry. The usage only requires the warmth and pressure of your hand to shape it.

★ It is made of natural jojoba oil, tree resin and organic beeswax. It's organic cotton fabric and printing are certified by FDA. It is 100% eco-friendly which fits to zero waste lifestyle.

★ The muslin produce bags are made from the finest organic cotton. The fabric of the bag is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. You can use it to keep your groceries in your kitchen. It also can be used as tote and can help you on your shopings.